Thursday, December 05, 2013


Hey guys!

First, I'd like to apologise to all my readers for the lack of updates. Unfortunately, I am not a blogger. I'm not used to posting updates regularly. Once I happened to stop for a couple weeks, I pretty much just stop. Maybe one day, I'll be able to remember what happened all those weeks that have been lost for now. Who knows? I have terrible memory :|

This will be a short update on my progress in horse riding as I'm sure you're keen to know lol. I've been bucked by 4 different horses by now. The first one was by Dibbie. Bucked me twice. For a couple months after that, my confidence had disappeared. He scared the shit out of me with that lovely view of the ground... No, don't worry, I never got bucked *off*. I managed to stay on all those bucks. I'm happy to say that I managed to get my confidence back in full force and apparently learned how to control the horses better than I used to, somewhere along the lines... o.O

Fell off (slipped off?) about... twice I think. Once when Ruby went too fast for me and I lost balance, and the other time when Prada tripped and I lost balance... XD I've had many other horses tripping since then, but so far, no more falling. Which is good. The ground has been soaking wet and I do not wanna be muddy... In Malaysia...

Maybe it was a mistake riding Ruby so much. She was really gentle and although had her naughty moments, she was very obedient compared to the other horses. These days, I'm finding it hard to get a horse to canter. Now sure why, but they just don't jump into a canter, no matter how many times I ask. They just trot faster and faster, and trying to sit a fast trot is extremely painful and tiring... Oh well, I'll get there.

I have sad news as well. On the 9th of July, Ruby passed away at 11 years old. She had colic and couldn't be saved. This was shortly after I decided to stop riding her for a while because I needed a break from her... And now that my riding has improved, it's sad to know that I can no longer try riding her again... Rest in Peace, dear Ruby. You'll never be forgotten.

On a brighter note, Massa has given birth to the first horse foal in the club! Previous attempts weren't successful. Royal never got to be a mother, poor girl. Joey is growing larger and larger every week. It's a wonder how quickly he grew from the tiny tottering little frisk. Unfortunately, the club doesn't know how to stop bad habits and boredom, so Joey has taken it upon himself to peel and eat the paint found on Massa's stall bars...

On to my birthday and anniversary! Today, a year ago, my parents signed up for DARC club membership and riding lessons for me. The very first horse I rode was MrT. I requested to ride him again today and it was a nice ride. I enjoyed myself and have figured MrT out haha. He is a very lazy horse... Even better though, he jumped a few times! There was a puddle of water in the middle of the track and everytime we got to that point, I'd kick him and say 'Up' as I was told to do whenever we had to cross poles laid on the ground as if an obstacle course. And instead of just trotting across, he jumped, silly boy. It was fun indeed. Too bad my father is too lazy to take new pics/videos. Sorry about that, guys...

I will not be updating anymore. Maybe I will once in a blue moon. But I wouldn't expect more posts from me. Thanks for following me on the adventures I've posted so far. Let's hope I'll have more! Love you guys!

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