Monday, March 11, 2013


 So I finally got around to editing and uploading this video. This was after I fed Ruby all her carrots. I decided to hang around while waiting for mum to finish grazing Zidane. I didn't graze Ruby cause I was tired out and she needed to rest her wound anyway. There were a lot of times when I stepped away from B.B. and Mona because Mona bites. I didn't bother to smack her or anything like that due to her being a mother. I knew that it was more about her protective instinct than her trying to show dominance.

B.B., short for Black Beauty, is a really friendly little darling, hehe. I could pretty much stroke her everywhere. Touching her tail makes her flinch though, probably because she can't see behind her. Her mane is seriously soft, like down feathers or wool. And her tail, to quote the girl in pink (watch the vid), is like a feather duster haha.

I soon got tired and stopped taking vids. This was when B.B. decided to go under the bar LOL! Wish I was still filming! The filly got curious and went out of the stall. Mona got anxious and tried to follow by jumping over the bar. Unfortunately for her, she had no space, so her back legs couldn't go over the bar and she got stuck. I was looking somewhere else when this happened, so all this is guesswork. I only noticed when Mona clanged the bar from trying to jump over. I had to call a stablehand to help out XD

So that was how they both escaped. The moment the stablehand pushed the bar off and released Mona, they both zoomed off to a patch of grass near the gazebo where kids waited for their turn on the joyrides. I guess they don't get let out very often. Mona immediately started munching while B.B. pranced about with tail held high and all hehehe. Then the camera's memory got full and I couldn't take more vids :(

Mona continued munching away. I think her priority over food is higher than her foal lol. She couldn't be bothered about where B.B. went or if there were too many people near her. B.B. later came over to us and allowed us to pet and hug her. She's gonna be a great pony one day hehe. The kids waiting there all had fun. The filly looked as tiny as they were and wasn't so intimidating haha.

They were obviously ignorant though, because they started trying to feed B.B. with stalks of grass that they plucked up. She definitely tried eating! It was cute, watching her chew and chew and chew on the stalks of grass. I think one stalk actually disappeared into her mouth completely. She produced more green saliva than actually eating though. Was probably wondering what this new thing is that tastes a bit like mummy's milk, yet so different XD

It was nearing lunch time, so another stablehand came over, got hold of Mona's halter and led her back to the stables. B.B. leaped into a gallop, speeding off to the stables. That filly was so happy to stretch her legs! It was like watching Speedy Gonzales zoom around! Can't wait to see her take kids for joyrides one day xD

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