Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fourth Lesson!

First of all, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it! :)

Today was a different trainer. I like him. He speaks English, damnit XD Which is a good thing because I think in English and if the trainer speaks in Malay, I have to pause to translate it in my head... And today's horse was Siti Mas again. I find that she's a bit on the lazy side... or way too gentle for my liking? Then again, I feel like she's grumpy too... Or fussy... lol

So today, I learned more about balance. My rising trot was no longer in sync with the horse as compared to the first 3 lessons, but that's because this trainer didn't help in counting the 1,2 beat for me. (As well as Siti constantly slowing down >.<) Which makes me think: I've become dependant on the trainer to help count my beats, which is bad. But I'm new at riding, so I guess that's normal. I hope I can get it right in time, afterall, this is only my 4th lesson. But I'm certainly improving in my sitting trot and balance. Not perfect, and still a long way to go, but getting there :D

I also learned to do more with the reins than making the horse stop. I tried out what I know about English style of riding and found out that I have to pull pretty hard to make a horse turn O.O I still have a LOT of work to do with the reins. I kept pulling on the reins to keep balance... That might even be why Siti kept slowing down o.O And I can't seem to multitask well enough. Not only do I have to concentrate on my balancing, I have to concentrate on keeping my damn heels down, on leading my horse, on sitting up straight... Oh dear. I might have been having a wrong sense of balance even when standing on the ground. I keep leaning forward and slouching. I thought I got rid of my slouch finally, but I guess I'm also not standing straight up and proud (shoulders back).

My knees were killing me today. For some reason, I've been getting sharp pains in the middle of my knee joints. It started last lesson but was worse today. I felt it at EVERY rise when doing the rising trot. Seriously hurts. Sharper than last lesson too. Trainer says it's cause I'm not used to the constant movement yet. Told my parents that I might have to get knee supports ._.

I also find that I much much prefer breeches to jodhpurs. The jodhpurs wasn't body fitting. Although stretchable material, it was loose... and itchy... Meh.

Overall, today wasn't an excellent day. It wasn't bad (trainer iz aweshum!) but it wasn't excellent. Btw guys, do you think I should start being more firm with the horses? I've been quite gentle with them. Didn't want to make them feel like I'm underestimating them and have them dislike me! D: But it's as if gentleness doesn't have an effect on them, as if I'm one of the flies that lands on them >.>

Well, I hope you had a nice Christmas. My day wasn't the best, but it was waaaaaaaay better than the usual family meetings... which tend to be omgsoboring XD


  1. Sorry I'm late finding this. :) But yes, being gentle with horses mostly gets you nowhere. You shouldn't be massively aggressive, but you have to be very firm and assertive. And if you need to get one to move while you're on the ground (shift the butt over so you can get by in the stall, stop standing on your foot, whatever), you have to whack them pretty good. Their skin is THICK and tough, to protect them from the biting flies and sharp rocks and plants and such (think about it, they have NO way to tend injuries in the wild), so it takes more force for them to notice you. If you're not firm with them, they'll know that you're not the one in charge and you'll never get any respect or cooperation from them.

    1. No worries <3

      Some of them seem to respond really quickly though (Wind and a few other skittish horses). I guess I'll just have to get a feel for which horse needs a firmer and harder touch lol.

      Trying hard and learning though! Thanks! :D