Saturday, December 22, 2012

Third Lesson & A Scare...

Today was my 3rd ride. Today's trainer was the same as the first ride, so I didn't learn as much as I should've :( This trainer seems shy and nervous. As if he didn't know how to teach and talk to someone. He kept avoiding eye contact by looking at the ground and speaking. He talks too softly and is overall just awkward... *sigh* I really prefer the 2nd trainer :( Wonder if I could ask for him when I go for my next ride.

Basically, it wasn't a good ride today. And no, it wasn't because of riding for an hour this time. Mamat, the horse I rode today was super tall. Had a whole lot of difficulties mounting from ground up. Finally managed, but I had to grab hold of the saddle as if I was climbing a mountain D: Mamat is huge k! >.<

And then, I forgot to wear my gloves before riding and kinda scraped off my skin on my knuckles from chaffing against the saddle... I don't even know how I did that >.> Mum gave me my gloves halfway through though, so I managed to protect my knuckles from further scraping.

We went there late today. Or rather, on the dot. Had to rush to braid my hair and put on my boots. It's why I forgot my gloves... And so, no pics... sorry guys. You'll have to wait till Tuesday (Xmas lol) when I ride again :P

Well, at least the ride wasn't a waste. I DID learn quite a bit today. Learned to balance better and getting the hang of rising trot slowly. I was also taught to hold the reins properly. For the moment, all I know how to do is to pull back on the reins to make the horse stop.

Riding boots definitely make things easier, but I think I really need to learn how to prevent the stirrups from sliding back :( Everytime I kick the horse or do rising trot, my leg lifts from the stirrups and they slide back. It's really irritating >.< But at least my helmet doesn't stink from OTHER people's sweat LOL! :D

Oh yes! Also, I have now felt how it feels like when the horse gallops, bucks and canters. We shifted paddocks because the sun was starting to scorch. And I suppose Mamat wasn't used to entering a paddock with a rider on his back. Upon entering the 2nd paddock, he suddenly lunged into a gallop, then started bucking. When I finally got him under control, he cantered around a bit before stopping. It was a bit fun, but OMG SO SCARY XD I was so lucky that I was holding the monkey grip (strap attached to saddle) while we were switching paddocks. Otherwise, I'd probably be in the hospital with a whole lot more injuries D:

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