Saturday, December 15, 2012

Second Lesson & Gear Shopping ~ Part 2

I MOUNTED THE HORSE FROM GROUND UP!!! And here I thought it was gonna be difficult...

Learned sitting trot, how to arrange the stirrups before and after riding, how to kick the horse :o and how to urge the horse to move. Also, how to lead a horse properly :D Next week, I'll be riding for an entire hour! Parents didn't let me ride for an hour on the excuse of overdoing myself... and then they get told by the trainers that what I learn sticks more if I ride for TWO hours every week LOL! I was like "I TOLD YOU SO AHAHAHA" >:3

So we went shopping after my ride :D The vendor kept running out of stock, so we decided to go find another tack shop in another club. Bought a new helmet, another pair of riding pants (breeches, first one was jodhpurs), new pair of ankle boots and a new pair of chaps.

Now we need to go buy more socks (my old school socks are dried up and no longer expendable XD), maybe a couple of bandanas and fix up my extremely long jodhpurs so that they can fit into my boots ^_^

I think it's safe to say that I have my bday and Xmas presents already, hehehe. Membership + First 6 Lessons + Pants + Boots + Helmet + Chaps + Riding Book: RM 1, 304

Not THAT expensive, now that I think about it o.O I expected to have to spend 5k+ lol. The boots we found were only RM160 :D WAY cheaper than the vendor who sells them at RM300 D:

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