Saturday, December 08, 2012

Gear Shopping ~ Part1

Just bought a pair of riding pants :D Stretchable material, so I should be able to climb up a horse easily now! Damn jeans refused to let me lift my leg high enough to put it on the stirrup! D:

Tomorrow, dad is gonna buy the riding helmet that I want ^_^ They had the blue colour I liked but it wasn't with them at the club today, so dad reserved it for the moment hehehe.

Gonna look around at shoe shops to see if there are any similar boots. RM300 for a pair of riding boots is too much, unfortunately :( But good news is that dad found a pair of black gloves that are actually for riding bikes (not bicycle) and it's only RM5 XD I think it's pretty perfect for protecting my hands when holding the reins!

So RM180 (membership) + RM180 (3 hours lessons) + RM189 (pants) + RM189 (helmet) + RM5 (gloves) = RM743

I spent RM743 for my birthday :D That's not even counting the boots/shoes that I gotta buy! Muhahahahaha! Not counting the next 3 hour lessons I'm gonna buy after my 5 tickets left are used either >:3

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