Sunday, December 23, 2012

No Pain, No Gain ~ Part 2

Oof! My muscles hurt! xD I guess an hour of riding does hurt. I don't feel horrible though, like I did after my first ride. But the pain is only telling me one thing. And that is: I am finally getting fitter. Soon, I shall be able to climb up stairs without much effort. Wheezing up staircases is horrible, I tell you!

Next ride: Tuesday! Yes, on Christmas! :D Some people would think this sad, that I'm not visiting family instead and exchanging presents. Honestly? Riding is the best present I've ever gotten. Ever. If my relatives wants to give me a gift, get me session tickets! XD Or heck, even cheaper, buy me a whole bundle of carrots and apples so that I can feed the whole stable LOL!

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